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Your brand is a perception in the mind of your customers, clients, employees, etc.  It is what people imagine and feel when they think of your business or organization.

ADA Signage is a huge part of a company’s branding strategy and when designed the right way can help to build brand awareness. 

Incorporating your logo within all your interior signage helps increase impressions and helps your audience to remember your business.   Presenting your brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by 23%.  (source

Choosing the correct substrates for your interior ADA signs will also help reinforce your brand identity.  For example a greenhouse could use wood grain materials, where a cutting edge car company could use a sleek metal substrate styled design. 

Woodgrain ADA interior Signs -

ADA sign regulations and requirements can impact some of your options when it comes to sign design, but Nap’s designers will work within these regulations and design your signage to reflect your specific brand.

For example, because color contrast is an important part of ADA compliant signs, know that you can still use your same brand color combination, simply modified, to meet regulations. By sticking to the same color scheme in all signage, including your ADA signage, you’ll be able to successfully increase brand awareness.

Custom signs for businesses can combine both compliance of ADA regulations with aesthetic appeal to help identify and carry your business brand.  Nap’s has the expertise to ensure that your signs will meet all ADA regulatory needs, while incorporating your brand into all your interior signage representing your business brand.

The most important aspect of ADA signage is to improve the safety and accessibility for your customers and visitors to your building!   This main point does not have to lend to boring dull signs!  Let the designers at Nap’s design ADA signage that helps with accessibility but also helps you to develop BRAND awareness throughout your building.

Nap’s will make sure to develop your brand identity throughout your ADA compliant interior signage with consistency, using ADA compliant fonts, colors and your brand personality to help cement your brand in your customers minds.

Nap's ADA Signs has a handful of pre-designed ADA sign collections that we can tweak to work with your existing brand style, or we can simply design a custom ADA sign collection for you to fit your needs.

All our ADA signs are 100% ADA compliant and feature raised tactile lettering and symbols with Grade II Braille, are made from high quality materials and as always made in the USA!  

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You are able to order a collection from our site, along with uploading your business logo to the Sign Collections that require it. 

Or call or contact us for more information.


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