ADA Rules ~ Are the Permanent Rooms in your building Labeled ?

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ADA Room Number  and ADA Room Name Sign Requirements

Keep your building in ADA Compliance with ADA Room Name and ADA Room Number Signs

Today, the law requires that all public buildings display an ADA Compliant Sign on each permanent room. When determining signage for a facility, a general rule of thumb is - if a room has an entry door, an ADA compliant sign with tactile lettering and braille should identify that room or space.  Any permanent rooms that have permanent fixtures which are are not likely to change require ADA compliant tactile and braille signs. Therefore these rooms are labeled by room names and not just room numbers. Examples are cafeterias, electrical rooms, and restrooms. 

If a room is considered permanent but can change its function easily, they may be labeled numerically with ADA room number signs.  Great examples of these are class rooms, and some offices. 

Custom ADA Braille Room Number Sign_ADA Complaint_NapADAsignsStandard ADA Braille Room Number Sign_ADA Compliant_23 Colors_6" x 4"_NapADASignsCustom ADA Braille Room Number Sign_ADA Complaint_NapADAsignsCustom ADA Braille Room Number Sign_ADA Complaint_NapADAsignsCustom ADA Braille Room Number Sign_ADA Complaint_NapADAsigns

The function of all rooms should be identified for all customers, visitors, guests, students, employees, not just for people who are blind or have low vision – all of us benefit from properly identified rooms. 

Having identification signage on all rooms also helps emergency personnel.  Making sure all room are identified helps fire, police and first responders to find your sprinkler control room, mechanical controls or the fire control room in an emergency.

Some examples of permanent rooms or spaces include:

  • Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Hospital Rooms
  • Exam Rooms
  • Labs
  • Storage Rooms
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Data Closets
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Areas
  • Lounges
  • Sprinkler Control Room 


While room numbers can indicate floor level and location, ADA Room Names Signs detail the function of a room, or the occupants of a room. Whether the room identifies a classroom, waiting room, hotel room, restroom or private office, knowing what's behind a closed door without having to open it and look, just makes sense. The ADA's regulations on signage brings uniformity and effective standards to room identification signage

Custom ADA Braille Sign_ADA Sterling Collection_Aluminum_ADA Compliant_NapADASignsCustom ADA Braille Sign_ADA Chroma Collection_Layered Plastic_ADA Compliant_NapADASignsCustom ADA Braille Sign_ADA Timber Collection_Layered Plastic_ADA Compliant_NapADASigns

ADA Room Numbers Signs are sometimes overlooked in terms of there importance, but they help to welcome guests and help people find the correct room when entering hotels, schools, apartments,  hospitals and other businesses.  Identified Room Number Signs help to ensure people are able to find their way around your establishment. 

Custom ADA Braille Room Number Sign_ADA Sterling Collection_ADA Compliant_NapADASignsStandard ADA Room Number Signs with Braille_ADA Compliant_6" x 4"_23 colors_NapADASigns

The ADA Guidelines for Permanent Room Identification Signs consists of three sections: 

Sign Composition :

  • 1/32” Raised Tactile Text must be on the Sign
  • 5/8” minimum Tactile Character Height
  • 2” maximum Tactile Character Height
  • Characters shall be san-serif and not in italic or bold form
  • Grade II Braille must be used
  • Raised borders and decorative elements need to be a minimum of 3/8” away from tactile characters

Sign Mounting:

  • Must be mounted on the latch side of the door
  • 48” minimum and maximum 60” measured from the finished floor to the bottom line of the text

Sign Finish and Contracting:

  • Sign shall have a matte or non-glare finish
  • Characters must contrast with background

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