When you gotta go .. Make sure your Restroom Signs are Compliant!

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Currently, there are approximately 2.5 million Americans that are legally blind and millions of others who suffer from limited vision.   The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) helps remove barriers for people with vision and other disabilities.  

If your building is open to the public, it is very important to make sure your Restrooms are 100% compliant.  ADA Restroom Signs play a critical role in making your facility accessible to everyone. 

The American Disabilities Act regulates signage to ensure that people with disabilities have easy access to navigate buildings and communal spaces. 

Nap’s ADA Signs designs and produces Men, Women, Unisex, Gender Neutral, Boys, Girls and more Restroom Signs following the rules set forth by The American Disabilities Act.

Nap's ADA Compliant Standard Signs - Braille Restroom Interior SignsCustom ADA Braille Signs - ADA Construct Collection - acrylic tactile braille ADA Signs - napADAsignsNaps Custom Designed ADA Braille Compliant Signs

All of Nap’s ADA Restroom Signs follow the ADA guidelines:

 Typestyle and Character Height and Pictograms:

    • All letters and numbers must be in sans serif or simple serif font types and be all upper case. All raised characters must be at least 5/8 inches high, and 2 inches maximum. Pictograms placed on restroom signs should also have a written description of the picture directly below it. Additionally, the space for the pictogram should be at least 6 inches in height.
  • Tactile Character and Braille:
    • Characters are raised by 1/32 inch and have Grade 2 Braille. Braille shall be domed in shape.
  • Finish and contrast:
    • The background and characters on ADA restroom signs should have matte, eggshell, or another type of non-glare finish. Symbols and characters must have a stark contrast with the background—either light characters on a dark background or vice versa.
  • Mounting specifications:
    • If restroom signs are mounted permanently to a wall, they should be placed on the wall that is adjacent to the side of the door with the latch or handle. For double-leaf doors, signs should be mounted on the closest adjacent wall. The specific location for mounting should be 60 inches above the floor to the center of the sign. Further, the sign should be mounted in a location where anyone can approach within 3 inches of the sign without running into objects or standing in the area where the door would swing out

Nap's ADA Braille Signs _ Compliant Installation Guidelines Nap's ADA Braille Signs _ Compliant Installation Guidelines

  • Accessibility symbols:
    • Any symbols used on restroom signs should follow the international symbol of accessibility.

Nap’s ADA offers a line of custom designed ADA sign collection so you can be sure to find a restroom sign that complements your decor.  As well, Nap’s also offers a line of Standard ADA Restroom Signs that are available in 23 color combinations, for those of us that are budget happy.

All our restrooms signs are durable, lightweight and easy to install.  We design and manufacture all our signage here in our facility in Michigan, USA!

Shop online at www.napADAsigns.com or email us at info@napsupply.com 

Need a Custom ADA Sign? Call Nap's at 1-800-451-3330. We can create custom ADA sign designs that include your logo, company colors, custom shapes and much more.




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