Basic rules for ADA compliant Signs ~ Nap's ADA guidelines

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Nap’s ADA Guide to Interior ADA Signage

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 All ADA compliant signs must have:

  • Signs shall have a non glare finish with high contrasting colors.
  • Text characters shall be San Serif and all Upper Case, nor overly bold, condensed, or italic.
  • Design that meets specific requirements with copy height, stroke and spacing.
  • Pictograms shall be in their own 6" high field and must have text directly below pictogram field.
  • Braille shall be together and 3/8" to 1/2" below the last line of text.
  • Braille shall be dome shaped, not flat or pointed. 



All ADA signs fall into one of two categories:

  • Signs that must have tactile copy and braille.
  • Signs that do not need the tactile/braille but must meet design guidelines and visual copy.


Nap's ADA guidelines for braille and tactile lettering


Visual Copy 

Visual Signs are signs to provide direction to or information about functional spaces. They can be wall mounted, projected, or suspended overhead.  

  • Visual Signs can be uppercase, lowercase or a combination of both.
  • Signs shall have a non-glare finish and contrasting colors.
  • Design shall meet specific requirements with copy height, stroke and spacing.
  • The size of the characters is determined by the viewing distance and the height of the sign.
  • An eye level sign viewed from less than 6 ft away, the height of the uppercase letters must be at least 5/8 inch.
  • An overhead sign or one viewed from more than 6 ft away, height of uppercase letters must be at least 2 inches.
  • Letter height increases incrementally for each foot of increased viewing distance over 6 ft.

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