Standard ADA Compliant Exit Signs

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ADA Exit Signs with Braille, Complaint ADA Signage for public buildings, Low bulk pricing, made in the USA.

Nap's Compliant ADA Exit Signs are always made in the USA and 100% compliant!

Per ADA compliance Nap's ADA Exit Signs are produced from high quality 1/16" durable plastic with printed Tactile Lettering and Grade II Braille.  Our Exit Signs also have a non-glare matte finish with contrasting colors per compliance. 

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Why do you need ADA Exit Signs?

Well since 1992, accessible signage has been a requirement in the United States under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).   ADA guidelines are intended to remove barriers and make facilities accessible to all people with disabilities.  So ADA Exit Signs are now the law and required at exit doors leading to enclosed stairways and exit doors leading to the outside.

ADA Exit Signs must be mounted to the wall on the latch side of a Single Door.  If Double Doors, that are both active, then the sign should be mounted to the right of the right handed door.  In the case of Double Doors where one is active, then the sign should be installed on the inactive door. 

ADA Installation Guidelines, make sure your ADA signs are compliant with the correct installation

The baseline of the tactile characters shall be mounted between 48" at the lowest point to 60" at the highest point above the adjacent floor. Position sign to be a minimum of 9" from edge of door to center of the sign.  

ADA Installation Guidelines, make sure your ADA signs are compliant with the correct installation

Wondering about more ADA mounting requirement? Use our ADA Sign Guidelines to understand requirements for size, mounting height, design and more.

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